Time together is magic

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Our Founder

I have always loved playing card and board games with friends & family. It is such a fun way to spend time with dear ones, get to know people better, & laugh your way through a rainy afternoon. Family traditions & weekend getaways often revolve around game time play. 

Our Story

The idea for Game Night Kit (GNK) was born during pandemic times. The forced “slow down” gave us more time as a family & with loved ones in smaller groups. Classic card games were entertainment & a break from the monotony of not going anywhere. I love teaching my kids & newbies how to play onze, gin, rummikub, & more.

As the world started opening up more and we went to visit friends in the hill country of Texas, mountains of Colorado, lakes of Arkansas and desert in New Mexico the games continued - got more fun & more competitive. Almost every age can get together to play something. It's a great way to create connections & memories between siblings, grandparents, cousins, old college friends & their kids.

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The Set-Up

We keep the cards in a drawer, count them to make sure it's a full deck, scrounge for a score pad, hunt for a pencil, look up the rules one more time to double check, establish if we are playing prison rules or not, make some dip, pour a drink & turn on the laughs. Rinse and repeat! This time together is magic - how can we spread the love? 

The Fix

Let's get rid of the scrounging around for all the things. This all-in-one “game kit" is a twist on your classic card games and features eye-catching original artwork by the talented Michele Bell. These handmade pouches holding the good times can be given as hostess gifts - perfect for weekend getaways, as well as corporate and client gifts.

Game on!


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