8 Tips for a Great Game Night

8 Tips for a Great Game Night

What are the most important things to have a fun and engaging game night? 

Planning is great, although I will say sometimes the best game times are played impromptu on a rainy afternoon with whoever is around. Or in the only house in your neighborhood that has power during a freeze (ya hear me Texas Feb 2021?) 

These are some general guidelines, but number 8 is really the only strict rule!   


1. People 

People are everything! Unless you are playing a game of solitaire, you are going to want to have some friends to play with - and you want those people to WANT to be there.

The right number of people to fit the game you are playing is key. Do you need an even number? Will it be team play? And you typically want people who are at the same skill level. Some may know card games, but not know this specific one so they are likely to pick up on it pretty quickly. I like to think of people I haven’t seen in a while (thanks Covid times) OR people I see all the time, but we don’t get the chance to sit & chat - because we are trading kids, carpools, and kids’ snacks. 

It’s totally weird to me, but some people don’t like playing games and that’s fine … just hang out with them another time.


2. Location location location

You want to have a comfortable place with an easy table for game play. This could be a coffee table, dining table, picnic blanket (watch the wind) - you name it. 

You can really use anything as long as it is comfortable and has enough space for everyone. 


3. Snacks 

Easy snacks are a must for any game night. 

It is part of the fun, and I have plenty of friends who just show up for the snacks and the game is secondary. Trader Joe’s has great options for easy to make apps for game nights - I love their spinach artichoke dip & steamed pork and ginger dumplings. 

You want something easy that can sit there and let people munch on through the night, and no flatware please. You also don’t want something that takes up too much space on your game play area. 

Some of our GNK recipes included in each game can be found here.   


4. POP the TOP 

Drinks are obviously a go to to add some punch to your night. 

Have something for everyone - boozy, non-boozy, and kid focused. I like to have margaritas, wine, Topo Chico, and flavored bubble water on hand to meet everyone’s needs. 

Set up a small cooler or tub with ice near the area and tell people to help themselves. You can always have a BYOB game night and have people bring their drink of choice. 

Check out our MAD GIN recipe for this timeless simple cocktail and add a twist of your choice. You can also find some kid-friendly options.



Music can make the night. 

The right playlist is the not-so-secret ingredient for any get together. You want something light hearted to fit the mood of fun and play. All new music might not be very comforting, and all oldies might get a little boring. 

It's great to have friends that know their stuff and are happy to share new and old tunes.  My music guru and bestie Julie keeps me abreast of new music all the time.  She has been making playlists since they were called mix tapes.  

Find music that complements the mood you want at your game night - fun, laughter, game play, and camaraderie. We have a few suggested playlists on our GNK Spotify that you can follow here @gamenightkit.  We are so lucky to have some great music minds helping with our playlists: the aforementioned Julie, my sister wife Katie Rushing, also a beautiful singer songwriter lends her insight, and my soon to be bro-in-law Chris Longwood, a mastering engineer with discerning taste and golden ears, as well as heart of gold . 


6. Choose The Right Game or Games

From our selection, We Dig Spades and Hearts At Play are perfect for a more intimate night with four people, and Play Onze is great for up to seven people! Save MAD GIN for a more intimate night with your lover, jk it could also be a friend.  

Other games we love to pull out with friends are Rummikub and Taboo.  


7. Don’t Start the Game Right Away

Give people about 30 minutes to chat and grab snacks and drinks. 

Having said that, as the host it is your job to get everyone to stop gabbing and start the game. You want to do it in a timely fashion so people don’t feel like it drags on too long and will be happy to return to another game night in the future.  


8. Relax and Have Fun

The point of these get-togethers is to spend time with people you enjoy. Remember time together is magic. Don’t stress and game on. 

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Game On,